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About Us

Baileys Pretty Little Things created in 2011, one year after my beautiful baby girl Bailey was born. Inspired by my grandmother as a little girl I became fascinated with her making customized jewelry. Since then I’ve always had a passion to make jewlery that would catch the eye and sparkle. Rather it be on the wrist or the neck of someone.

While making my jewelry I let my mind go and my creativity flow. Obtaining bold, vibrant, classy and stunning pieces that will capture everyone’s attention from all ages and genders.

I aim to create jewerly that connects with a buyers style, personality and feelings. Making every piece unique and special for each buyer, rather for themselves or gifts for others.

When owning pieces from Baileys Pretty Little Things you can count on having a one of a kind piece of jewelry, that will allow you to mix and match and always have jewelry that compliments you.